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We as parents decided to have our daughter try karate. After meeting with Steve we decided his teaching style, skills and experience would be the best fit. Not only has my daughter gained extensive karate skills but most importantly she has gained self confidence. She is well equipped to stick up for herself in any situation and has the confidence that she can defend herself if she needed. I am forever grateful to The Dojo!

Melissa Colon

Steve is one of the most genuine people I know. He is extremely hardworking and passionate about his work and cares for people very much. There is no one I would recommend more.

Joanna Schlansky

My oldest son began karate instruction at The Dojo 4 years ago, as a 6 year old. He immediately took to Steve's teaching style--a great blend of fun and fundamentals. He has continued to be inspired to work hard, practice at home and legitimately learned what he needed to know to earn his black belt at 10! Steve has instilled a lifelong interest in karate in him. My two younger children are now on board as well and classes at the Dojo and practice at home are part of family life. Steve is friendly, easy to work with, serious about karate but lighthearted with the kids, and the best deal in town. Highly recommend!

Amy Swint

I've always had a great experience with Sensei Steve. He's very easy to work with and keeps the classes entertaining and fast paced, while ensuring that we learn a great deal and understand the techniques. I would highly recommend him for someone wishing to learn traditional karate.

Chris Singleton

Steve is amazing! My teen age son has done boxing for a while and wanted to expand his fighting art skills by learning Uechi-ryu Karate so he joined the Dojo about 6 months ago. Steve does an excellent job of explaining how to execute each move. He also keeps the classes engaging while still managing to keep order and structure. For anyone that's interested in fighting style karate (think Oliver Queen from the Arrow), this is the place for you!

Lisa Tammaro

My son has been taking lessons at The Dojo for almost a year, and I’m amazed at his growth, not just in karate but also in overall control, confidence and awareness.

Katy Cassidy

I have been taking lessons at The Dojo for about 10 months now, and I can't say enough positive things about my experience. Sensei Steve is an exceptional instructor, who brings more to the experience than just lessons on form, kata, building strength & quickness, etc. Steve is not only a master practitioner of Uechi Ryu (Okinawan karate), he has spent his entire life learning other martial arts and he enjoys giving us all insight on how to incorporate the best techniques from other arts into what we do. Steve is friendly, funny, smart, etc., but he is also no nonsense in terms of emphasizing that we are there to learn not only the art of this very special brand of karate, we are there to learn how to defend ourselves if that time ever came. The other students are fun to be with and The Dojo has quickly become another family to me. I'm writing such a long review because I care about Steve and his community, and I encourage you to come by and just try a lesson to see what you think.

Andy Komack

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