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  • How to Raise Self-Confident Kids

    How to Raise Self-Confident Kids

    Self-esteem is the foundation of a child’s well-being, leading to a happier life in adulthood. As parents, we play an important role in helping our children become confident human beings as they grow up. So read on for some tips on raising kids with a healthy self-worth: Model a Positive Attitude Children model their behaviors after their parents, so strive to show self-confidence around your kids. If you work from home and they hear you talking to colleagues or clients, try to always remain positive and upbeat. Avoid showing signs of stress, anxiety, a negative attitude, or even resentment toward work. It’s okay to let your kids know that you feel overwhelmed or ....

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  • The Developing Mind Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

    The Developing Mind Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

    One of the biggest struggles in parenting is understanding why perfectly sweet and smart children can, in an instant, turn into the most difficult beings ever faced. It’s often as if a switch was flipped and chaos has ensued. This typically results in parents becoming frustrated at their child and disciplining them in the heat of the moment. And while this may seem like the best option, it can be counterproductive in many ways. When parents become knowledgeable about the basics of brain development and how this affects behavior, they can help integrate all areas of the brain and have better parenting success. The key to whole-brain integration is having a basic understanding of ....

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  • A Parents' Guide to Helping Kids Make Healthy Life Choices

    A Parents' Guide to Helping Kids Make Healthy Life Choices

    A Parents' Guide to Helping Kids Make Healthy Life Choices Image Pexels via As a loving parent, you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy. While you can guide their life up to a certain point, as they get older they will be in charge of their own choices. By giving them the tools they need to make smart decisions, you can ensure they pursue a healthy path as they gain their independence. Here's how to get them off on the right foot. Instill healthy eating habits at home By instilling good dietary choices in your little ones, you are paving the path for them to become healthy eaters as adults. Plus, junk foods can have an addictive hold on people, ....

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  • School Readiness – What Teachers Really Look For

    School Readiness – What Teachers Really Look For

    When we hear the term “school readiness,” the first thing most people think of is children knowing academic basics that will help them meet the demands of the classroom. And while these cognitive skills are important, teachers feel that skills in the other areas of child development are just as, or more important. Social, emotional, and physical skills are also essential to the success of a child in school. Preparing children this way helps them enter a classroom feeling secure. Teachers are important in helping develop the whole child, although, their main goal is to teach cognitive skills that will lead to academic success. For that to happen, however, children must possess ....

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  • Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

    Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

    Martial Arts training is more than just a sport or self-defense. It's a way of life that boasts proud traditions, deep history, and a well-deserved reputation for changing people's lives. Yet, more and more, I see parents reducing their school choice to one thing, "How Much does it cost?" We humbly submit it's the WRONG QUESTION. Ask, "How much is it worth"? Enrolling in a Martial Arts school is the beginning of a long journey. A powerful journey of growth and self-discovery We have some students who have been with us for decades! So before enrolling in a Martial Arts school, there are some things you should consider: What to look for? Does the ....

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  • The Importance of Bilateral Coordination on Physical and Cognitive Skills

    The Importance of Bilateral Coordination on Physical and Cognitive Skills

    The development of a child can be one of the most fascinating things to watch unfold. From infants mirroring movements to toddlers and children mastering high level developmental skills, the growth they experience in a short time is astounding. And while all skills are important for children to master, bilateral coordination is an important prerequisite for development of a variety of motor and cognitive skills. Bilateral coordination is the ability to synchronize both sides of the body in a controlled manner. An important aspect of this is “crossing the midline.” This is a spontaneous movement and involves being able to cross an imaginary line that runs down the center of ....

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  • Beware, Not all Martial Art Schools are the Same

    Beware, Not all Martial Art Schools are the Same

    Have you ever stepped into one of those McDojos? First, you get a tour of the school, a free uniform and an "Introductory lesson" (which is a sales pitch). Then the contract comes out. Suddenly you can't tell if you're in a Martial Arts School, used car lot, or timeshare presentation. On top of the contract, there are those "Other Fees" Specialized Equipment (only available through the school), Testing fees, "Required' seminars. Before you realize it, you're committed to paying up to $3,500 in contracts and other expenses before you or your child has taken a single class! Moreover, Read the fine print! Often, The Contract you signed is not with the Martial Arts school; it's with a funding ....

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  • Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness Parents everywhere want their children to achieve success. This is usually defined by fulfilling societal norms, whether in terms of grades, athletic abilities, or something else. And the push to accomplish these things first is putting pressure on children and parents as well. Comparisons are fueling the expectation for children to develop at a specific rate and master skills at a certain time. Unfortunately, this is causing stress and decreasing children's self-esteem. Instead, we should celebrate each child's uniqueness and nurture their individuality by allowing them time to grow into the best version of themselves. What often gets ....

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  • Super-Charge Your Child’s Development During the Summer

    Super-Charge Your Child’s Development During the Summer

    As the world continues its reopening efforts, more and more parents are headed back to work. And while this is a positive sign, it leaves parents with the task of finding their children a fun, yet safe, program to spend each day at. Since summer Camps are unable to provide some of the usual daily activities due to the current restrictions, finding a program that has a creative approach to its curriculum is important. In addition, a program that can help propel children in a forward direction again when it comes to their overall development is essential. Normally children are now just beginning to feel the effects of the summer slide. However, the pandemic forced the slide to hit earlier, ....

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  • The Power of Predictability

    The Power of Predictability

    As hectic as life is most days, parents are often more concerned with getting everything done instead of strategically planning out their day so that it is predictable for their children. Knowing what activities to expect each day and knowing how parents will respond at the moment is critical in helping children feel safe. The consistency in this will ease children's moods and minimize the chances of a meltdown. Therefore, parents should establish predictability in their daily routines to ensure children have the best chances of a successful day. When children are unsure of what to expect daily, they often become more anxious and, therefore, demanding their parents' time. Stress goes up, ....

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