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  • Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

    Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

    Martial Arts training is more than just a sport or self-defense. It's a way of life that boasts proud traditions, deep history, and a well-deserved reputation for changing people's lives. Yet, more and more, I see parents reducing their choice of school to one thing, "How Much does it cost?" We humbly submit it's the WRONG QUESTION. Ask, " How much is it worth"? Enrolling in a Martial Arts school is the beginning of a long journey. A powerful journey of growth and self-discovery We have some students who have been with us for decades! So before enrolling in a Martial Arts school based on price, there are some things you should consider: Start ....

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  • Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness

    Celebrating Each Child’s Uniqueness Parents everywhere want their children to achieve success. This is usually defined by fulfilling societal norms, whether in terms of grades, athletic abilities, or something else. And the push to accomplish these things first is putting pressure on children and parents as well. Comparisons are fueling the expectation for children to develop at a specific rate and master skills at a certain time. Unfortunately, this is causing stress and decreasing children's self-esteem. Instead, we should celebrate each child's uniqueness and nurture their individuality by allowing them time to grow into the best version of themselves. What often gets ....

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  • Super-Charge Your Child’s Development During the Summer

    Super-Charge Your Child’s Development During the Summer

    As the world continues its reopening efforts, more and more parents are headed back to work. And while this is a positive sign, it leaves parents with the task of finding their children a fun, yet safe, program to spend each day at. Since summer Camps are unable to provide some of the usual daily activities due to the current restrictions, finding a program that has a creative approach to its curriculum is important. In addition, a program that can help propel children in a forward direction again when it comes to their overall development is essential. Normally children are now just beginning to feel the effects of the summer slide. However, the pandemic forced the slide to hit earlier, ....

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  • The Power of Predictability

    The Power of Predictability

    As hectic as life is most days, parents are often more concerned with getting everything done instead of strategically planning out their day so that it is predictable for their children. Knowing what activities to expect each day and knowing how parents will respond at the moment is critical in helping children feel safe. The consistency in this will ease children's moods and minimize the chances of a meltdown. Therefore, parents should establish predictability in their daily routines to ensure children have the best chances of a successful day. When children are unsure of what to expect daily, they often become more anxious and, therefore, demanding their parents' time. Stress goes up, ....

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  • Benefits to SKILLZ Training Over Summertime

    Benefits to SKILLZ Training Over Summertime

    During the school season teachers, assistants, and counselors are focused on helping your children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? It makes sense that as a parent you would want your child to maintain some level of growth and development over the summer in order to limit or prevent your child from losing a lot of the skills gained over the last school season. This includes growth and development in the following areas: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. With that said, one of the very best options is to keep your child active through a solid martial arts program such as SKILLZ™. Whether your child is ....

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  • Maintaining Healthy Development

    With our country at somewhat of a standstill due to the current pandemic, it’s easy to get into a routine that is more laid back. Anything from going to bed late to increased screen time, habits may start leaning on the unhealthy side. And one of the major behaviors that appear when we are in a stressful situation is that we reach for comfort food. And while it may seem as though the current situation will only last for a short time, the long-term effects of our eating habits can have an impact on children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Therefore, it’s essential that parents maintain a healthy lifestyle for their family. In today’s ....

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  • Tips on Turning Your Spare Room Into a Martial Arts Dojo - Charlene Roth

    Tips on Turning Your Spare Room Into a Martial Arts Dojo - Charlene Roth

    Is your child missing karate lessons now that your family is under a stay-at-home order? Disrupting months of hard work and practice can be a tough adjustment for kids, especially with everything else that’s going on in the world. Instead of letting your child’s karate practice lapse, why not create a martial arts studio at home? With these tips, you can quickly set up a DIY dojo to keep your child active through quarantine.
    Why Create a Dojo at Home?
    Is designing a home dojo really worth it? Can’t you just send the kids outside to play? The truth is, keeping your children active is only one reason to invest in a home martial arts studio. ● Martial ....

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  • The Importance of Bilateral Coordination on Physical and Cognitive Skills

    The Importance of Bilateral Coordination on Physical and Cognitive Skills

    The development of a child can be one of the most fascinating things to watch unfold. From infants mirroring movements to toddlers and children mastering high level developmental skills, the growth they experience in a short time is astounding. And while all skills are important for children to master, bilateral coordination is an important prerequisite for development of a variety of motor and cognitive skills. Bilateral coordination is the ability to synchronize both sides of the body in a controlled manner. An important aspect of this is “crossing the midline.” This is a spontaneous movement and involves being able to cross an imaginary line that runs down the center of ....

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  • Dare To Be Courageous!

    Dare To Be Courageous!

    Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid... courage means you don't let fear stop you! Surround children with people who understand this, because these people are great influences on facing fears and overpowering them. Can you put a price on a child's ability to overpower fears? And what better way to help build courage than The Dojo -Billerica! ....

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  • Helping Children Set Age-Appropriate Goals

    Helping Children Set Age-Appropriate Goals

    The New Year has arrived, and lofty resolutions have been set. Anything from working out daily to saving money to losing weight, our society knows how to dream big! However, when big dreams aren’t broken down into smaller, achievable goals, failure often ensues. And to make matters worse, our children watch us throughout this short-lived journey. So how can we teach our children to be excited about making personal changes while ensuring the goals are age-appropriate and attainable? It all starts with a desire to accomplish something new or change something you currently do. When we help children with this process, it is important to find out what they wish to achieve...not ....

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