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How to Choose a Karate School

How to Choose a Karate School

Have you ever stepped into one of those McDojos? You get a tour of the school, a free uniform and “Introductory lesson” (which is really a sales pitch) Then the contract comes out.

Suddenly you can’t tell if you’re in a Martial Arts School, used car lot or timeshare presentation. On top of the contract, there are those “Other Fees” Specialized Equipment (only available through the school) Testing fees “Required’ seminars By the time you’re done you could be committed to paying up to $2,500 in contracts and other fees before you or your child has taken a single class!

Moreover, Read the fine print! Often, The Contract you signed is not with the Martial Arts school. It’s with a funding company. You just took out a loan! The funding company pays the instructor the annual fee in full. You owe the annual contract fee to the funding company. What if you quit halfway through? Too bad, you borrowed the money, you owe it back.

We recommend that you go with your gut. If there was real value, would they need to push so hard?

At The Dojo: we don’t like to be treated that way and we certainly won’t treat our students and families that way. We don’t want to tie you up with contracts; we want to instill a lifelong love of the Martial Arts and provide a fun and rewarding experience. You’ll and your kids will stay because you’ll love it

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