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Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

Choosing the Right Martial Arts Program

Martial Arts training is more than just a sport or self-defense. It's a way of life that boasts proud traditions, deep history, and a well-deserved reputation for changing people's lives. More and more, I see parents reducing their choice of school to one thing, "How Much does it cost?"


We humbly submit it's the WRONG QUESTION.


Ask, " How much is it worth"?


Enrolling in a Martial Arts school is the beginning of a long journey. A powerful journey of growth and self-discovery 

We have some students who have been with us for decades!


So before enrolling in a Martial Arts school based on price, there are some things you should consider:


Start With WHY


Why Study Martial Arts?


If "getting out of the house" is your primary goal, there are other less demanding and less expensive activities to engage in.


If you're looking for more than just a distraction, you will want:

A great instructor who will encourage students to expand on their skills and knowledge, show an interest in each student's goals, and inspire students to remain on track.


  • An instructor who will inspire you.
  • A fun, engaging curriculum that teaches physical, mental, and emotional skills.
  • A great community of students who you look forward to working out with.
  • An instructor who is respected and admired by his or her peers.
  • An instructor who is themselves skillful in the art they teach


Martial arts are a lifelong pursuit don't get locked into the cheapest!

Get with the best.


What to look for?


How good is the teacher you are hiring 

How seriously do they take their job?

Is the school high fives and forced smiles, but no actual content?


Hanshi Steve is a graduate of a Teaching Fellowship taught by instructors from Harvard's Graduate School of Education, Tufts University, and MIT. He spent 14 years as a classroom teacher and has won awards for his curriculum development work. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional Martial Arts Instructor. Hanshi steve is president of Uechi Ryu International Karate Association. 


What does it really cost?


It's common in the Martial Arts Industry for school owners to pitch a low monthly tuition cost only to sneak in many other costs that aren't apparent when you first enroll. Belt fees, Promotion Fees, special equipment you must buy to participate in special classes that you also must buy over and above your "low" monthly tuition.

We don't do business that way. 


Commitment, not compromise.


We teach Self Defense.

I've seen schools that downplay the self-defense aspect of the arts. They focus instead on Character development or Virtues. While these are worthy pursuits, they miss the point of why these arts exist! 

Karate is an art of Self Defense which contains many lessons on character.

I ask, "Why compromise? Why can't we teach both"? 


At The Dojo - Billerica, we Teach The 8 Virtues of The Samurai.








8. Self-Control 


We stress these elements because they help young people to navigate the world better as adults.

And we teach realistic "Pressure tested" Self defense techniques.

The same techniques that we have taught to Military and Police units.

Always safely and at the level of the student.



So, the question is not "how much does it cost?" but "how much is it worth?"


Try Our Six Week Trial to find out.


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