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Kids Karate in Billerica

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Our Kids Karate programs are designed with the child in mind. No bad attitudes, no disrespect, always uplifting, always fun! These classes are the perfect opportunity to give your children a fun activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Each student will build stronger character, learn basic karate skills and self defense in a positive and safe environment -- children from around Chelmsford, Lowell, and here in Billerica have reaped the rewards of our classes! Our instructors are highly trained and certified to bring the best out of your child, and will keep them motivated to reach their goals.

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Why Choose Kids Karate Classes?

Our Kids Karate Classes are designed by age and ability level to match students with their peers for fun training that fosters a collaborative environment and instills teamwork and cooperation. Before you know it, you will see a drastic difference in your child's behavior, focus and self-confidence... what we teach at The Dojo - Billerica is focused on genuinely helping each child thrive. 

Whether you're here in Billerica or in nearby Chelmsford or Lowell, our Kids Karate classes can make an extraordinary difference in your child's life.

Our Kids Karate Classes can offer your child:
  • Motor skills and muscle memory
  • Confidence in themselves
  • Respect for others
  • Learn to say "NO" to negative peer pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Power of goal setting
  • And so much more!

We Have A Curriculum For Any Age Group

Our priority at The Dojo - Billerica is to provide the most comprehensive and age appropriate curriculum to help your child succeed. We break our Kids classes up into two separate age groups and use the SKILLZ curriculum that is trusted by parents and masters alike. 

Little Ninjas (Ages 4-6)

Our Little Ninjas class incorporates the PreSKILLZ curriculum. With this age group, we develop physical, emotional, intellectual, and social skills using games & drills that are age-appropriate. It's a fact that children who spend their early years training in martial arts are more likely to continue on to achieve their black belt. Set your child up for success!

Jr. Samurai (Ages 7-10)

For the Jr. Samurai age group we employ the BasicSKILLZ methods. Using a little more creativity and problem solving in their classes, your children will develop more technical forms and learn greater ways to become leaders in their class and their community. We cover focus, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness, and coordination throughout the course of this program allowing your child to graduate through the ranks in a way that applies to the world around them.

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It is our goal at The Dojo - Billerica is to make learning fun for the kids. We want them to look forward to each Kids Karate lesson as they learn confidence, discipline, focus, and respect. Whether you're here in Chelmsford, Lowell, or here in Billerica, our team is here to help your child thrive in all aspects of life.

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