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Birthday Parties in Billerica

Enjoy Billerica's Most Exciting Birthday Parties!

Our school offers a clean and safe environment for children to learn and play on their big day! If you want to plan an amazing celebration for your child without any of the headaches and stress, then a Martial Arts Birthday is for you! Our highly skilled Black Belt Instructors will check in your guests, run the activities, and help serve refreshments to your guests.

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Why Have A Birthday Party With Us?

Our professional, courteous staff at The Dojo - Billerica will do our best to give you the best birthday party possible. From fun games and activities to simplicity and service, we work hard to help make your child's special day the best it can possibly be!

Our birthday parties provide:
  • Run a fun Martial Arts class for your guests
  • Help serve the pizza and cake you provide
  • Give all your guests VIP certificates

All you need to provide is pizza, cake, drinks, plastic ware, plates, cups and napkins.

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Giving your child a birthday party at The Dojo - Billerica is a great way to ensure that they have an exciting and memorable experience. If you have any special requests for your child's birthday or have questions, just reach out to us!

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